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J Scott

"I had zero work-life balance until I started investing in Multifamily real estate."

I *thought* I would gain that kind of flexibility and freedom when I left my corporate job in 2008 to start flipping houses. Ten years and 400 flips later, I was completely burned out. I was working more hours than I did in my corporate life, I was paying more taxes than ever, and my work-life balance was in the toilet.

I wanted to do bigger things. Bigger deals. Multifamily deals. But I didn’t believe I had the skills, knowledge, network, or connections. Most importantly, I didn’t believe I had the cash to be buying multimillion dollar properties. Because of this, I put my dream off for several years.

One day, I said to myself, “If I don’t take the leap now, I never will.” So I did, and yes, I found the work-life balance I was seeking. I found financial liberation.

But wait! Multifamily came with other unexpected perks! I realized that I could spend my days focused on the parts of the business that I loved and was good at, while surrounding myself with others who could help with the things I didn’t enjoy and wasn’t good at. Not to mention the treasure trove of tax benefits. Flipping houses often came with a hefty tax bill, but Multifamily investing allowed me to bring my short-term tax burden to near zero!

If I could go back in time to 2008 and tell myself one thing, I'd say, "J, you are ready right now to jump into Multifamily."

So I'm here to tell you: you can Skip The Flip. You can get started in Multifamily without the capital, network, connections, or even self belief.

J is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, a best-selling author and respected advisor. He has bought, built, rehabbed, sold, syndicated and held over $160M in residential property and currently owns nearly 900 units as a managing partner at Bar Down Investments. J’s diverse experience and unmatched knowledge of economic cycles and market trends make his coaching invaluable to the success of aspiring multifamily investors.


Accomplishments & Awards

  • Author of five books on real estate and investing, with over 450,000 copies sold

  • Former co-host of the top-ranked BiggerPockets Business Podcast

  • Advisor to BiggerPockets 

  • Advisory Board Member for several startup companies in the PropTech industry

  • Regular contributor to Rent Magazine

  • Featured in Business Insider