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The Company is engaged in the business of real estate training (“Training Services/Courses”), and the purchaser desires to retain the Company for such services.  Training Services/courses shall be provided in the form of live and recorded video training, access to any additional documents, templates, and spreadsheets provided by the Company, and other related formats.
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This four-week course has a required fee of $497. Once this fee is paid it will not be refunded. 
Free enrollment at all future versions of this same course will be provided under the same fee paid.
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The Company guarantees no results from participation in the Training Services/Courses.
Any discussions or examples of financial results provided by the Company are solely provided for informational purposes, and the purchaser acknowledges that their results may differ.  The Company makes no promise or guarantee for the purchaser’s success.
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Throughout the course and after, the purchaser may have access to certain confidential and/or proprietary information that will be the property of the Company, including information about investments, investors, and other personnel at the Company.  The purchaser agrees not to disclose any such information that has been learned, created, or discussed plans with anyone except for those within the Company and their qualified representatives, agents, and any authorized personnel. 
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Multifamily Underwriting: 4-Week Master Training


J Scott & Ashley Wilson will be hosting a multifamily underwriting training once per week over 4 weeks.

The training sessions will be held over Zoom on: 

Wednesdays - July 10, 17, 24, 31, 2024 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM EST

In this online group training, you will learn:

  • Deal Structuring: Learn to structure multifamily JV and syndication deals to ensure partners and investors receive desirable returns.
  • Information Gathering: Understand what information to request from sellers or brokers for thorough underwriting of a multifamily property.
  • Deal Evaluation: Master a detailed, step-by-step process to assess the viability of multifamily deals.
  • Forecasting Performance: Discover how to determine future rents, expenses, and market conditions for accurate property performance forecasting.
  • Optimizing Structures: Learn to adjust various purchase, financing, and return structures to enhance the likelihood of successful deals. 

As a participant in this master course, you will receive:

  • 6 Hours of Comprehensive Training: Detailed instruction and live Q&A sessions on underwriting multifamily properties, ranging from 10 to 1,000 units.
  • Proprietary Underwriting Model: Access to a simplified version of the same model used by Bar Down Investments and in our coaching program.
  • Recorded Sessions: A complete copy of all recorded training sessions and Q&A for future reference.
  • Lifetime Access: Free enrollment in all future iterations of this training to keep your skills sharp.

*** Note that this training is completely free for Apartment Addicts Members and Investors in any Bar Down Investments deal.  Reach out to J if that's you!  *

Have questions?  Feel free to reach out to J Scott at
[email protected]