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Stacey S

Ashley Wilson and J Scott's multifamily coaching program, Apartment Addicts, is nothing short of phenomenal. As leading experts in the multifamily real estate space, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program, ensuring that every student receives top-notch guidance and support. Their commitment to their students' success is evident in the personalized attention they provide and the comprehensive nature of the program. Ashley and J go above and beyond teaching complex concepts in a way that makes them accessible and actionable for investors at any level. Their passion, dedication, and strategic insights have been instrumental in transforming my investment approach. I highly recommend their program to anyone serious about excelling in multifamily real estate.

Charles S

This is a great community. J and Ashley have been accessible through slack channel and regular zoom meetings. There are tons of learning modules that are well organized and cover everything from acquisitions to managing properties to raising capital etc. Lots of access to great tools including a comprehensive underwriting spreadsheet, deal tracking spreadsheet, and accountability worksheet. Whether more of a novice or an experienced investor, there is value for everyone.

Andrew B

I originally looked at other training programs as well but found this course to be of attractive value and offered by experienced and successful operators. I've found the course content to be thorough and in-depth and their Slack Channel to be an active and informative network of fellow investors. The course begins with introductory information but quickly progresses to detailed market and deal specific analysis, including deal sourcing guides, underwriting instruction, and a proprietary underwriting calculator. The course also covers things such as deal structure, capital stack, capital raising, offer submission, due diligence, asset management, and also features a proprietary CRM tool called Capbloom. I'm still working through all of the material but certainly believe this course offers a great path to learning multifamily syndication while also participating with a fun, friendly and helpful group of fellow investors!

Marisa A

If you want to learn from the best, you have come to the right place. I have spent so much time with J and Ashley learning the ins and outs of multifamily syndications and capital raising. I am beyond impressed with their level of dedication and their accessibility and expertise. Mark and Giang are awesome additions to the group helping out with underwriting, acquisitions and just positivity and accountability. I actually started my own business during my time with AA because of AA - and that is a testament to the kind of support and inspiration they are putting out. There are so many amazing people in the group who are trying to just crush it and build their own empires. 

Justin S

Great community focused on the fundamentals. They really care about the well-being and success of their members. So far its been amazing!

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Cary C

Apartment Addicts is a great program for anyone wanting to learn the multifamily business. The content is amazing and J and Ashley are very good instructors and mentors!

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