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Apartment Addicts

Community Mentorship Program



Leave your W2 job behind with strategic, syndicated multifamily real estate investments at your own pace!


How Do You Do It?

Join our AWARD WINNING Multifamily Investing Mentorship Program, led by industry experts Ashley Wilson and J Scott. Designed for both aspiring and experienced investors, this program provides all the tools necessary to Find, Fund, and Run your next multifamily property. 

What's Included In The Program?


  • On-Demand Videos
  • Intro To Multifamily Videos
  • Bonus Videos and Content¬†to help guide


  • Capital Raising Platform (CapBloom CRM)
  • Marketing Templates
  • Access to Bar Down Tools and Vendors¬†
  • Our Exclusive Underwriting Model
  • Additional Resources: Social Media, Website, Legal, and More


  • Weekly Zoom¬†Meetings with¬†J Scott, Ashley Wilson and our expert coaches
    Topics: Capital Raising, Acquisition, Underwriting, and more
  • 24/7¬†Access on Slack for Questions to Experts


  • Partnership Opportunities¬†
  • Off-Site Meetings/Trainings
  • Webinars
  • 24/7 Slack Channel to Network with Members on Deals

Why Choose US?

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