Hi, we're Ashley Wilson and J Scott, and we're Apartment Addicts

We're partners at Bar Down Investments where we specialize in building passive wealth with a secure and reliable income stream.


We still love active investing, and we love to teach, so we decided in 2021 to create Apartment Addicts - a program where we could share what we've learned over the course of our careers.

By January 2023, the American Apartment Owners Association named us the Best Multifamily Investing Mentorship Program.

We're "addicted" to multifamily because it just makes sense. Let's face it. Single family is a drag. For all of that effort, you're better off going bigger.

 Through our training and community, we help investors at all stages scale their portfolios, from newbies to seasoned pros. 

Want to chat with our team to see how we can help you skip the flip, too?

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