Hi, we're Ashley Wilson and J Scott, and we're Apartment Addicts

Like you, were were strapped for time and we wanted our freedom NOW. We were looking for something that would scale our portfolios fast. The answer? Multifamily investing.


It didn't take long to boil our process down to 12 "wash, rinse, repeat" steps that allow investors to skip the flip. Now we're known in our industry as multifamily leaders with a world class training program based on those 12 steps.

We're "addicted" to multifamily because it just makes sense. With the right training and support, anyone can get in the game- especially when you use Other People's Money!

We're passionate about helping our community members get their time and freedom back like we did, by generating income and wealth with ease.

Since we like quick wins, here are our top 5 tips to purchasing a profitable multifamily property in 12 months.

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